30s And Beyond: Top 5 Places To Meet Great Men


30s And Beyond: Top 5 Places To Meet Great Men
It's all about quality vs. quantity when dating at a later age

4. Jobs working with the public: Why do you think so many celebrities, models, TV personalities and others working in the public get so many marriage proposals? They are constantly in the spotlight working with the public. They are visible to the public which generates potential admirers and fans. Now you certainly don’t have to change jobs if you don’t work with the public but consider adding hobbies or activities that would put you front and center for people to see you. For example, you could try hosting or promoting local events where your help would be appreciated. You could try volunteering at your church to read the weekly announcements in front of the congregation. Even becoming an expert in your field of work can get you potential radio or TV time to display your accomplishments. 

5. Sporting events: There is really no other place I can think of which increases your chances of meeting men more than at a sporting event. If you’re not really into sports, try learning tennis or golf to see how it feels to play the sport. Participating in a sport is really quite different from watching it on TV because you feel the intensity and the passion people have for it. You begin to understand the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat which is the reason people watch sports in the first place. You may also get a good work out in which increases your energy level for meeting that special someone. If you could at least be open to learning about sports, I’m sure men would appreciate your efforts in the process.


As we grow older, meeting people can feel like a daunting process as we are not handed the same opportunities for meeting people as we were when we were in our teenage years. Between family and work obligations, it can feel like a tedious task. However, the rewards can be endless. Just get clear on your intentions for a mate and align your expectations accordingly. Then think about some of the ways I’ve mentioned above to meet men which would increase your visibility and would generate interest from them. Men are everywhere and if you are open to trying new activities to meet them, you should have no problems in finding them.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if you’ve tried any of the above ways to meet people and whether you were successful. Please also feel free to add to this list of possibilities as well.

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