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Do you want to create a brand that’s unforgettable? A brand that expresses your passion? A brand that offers value?
Monica Magnetti from Luna Coaching knows that designing a brand is easy. What’s hard is letting go of yourself and finding what really matters to your clients. Only with the expertise of a coach and consultant like Monica Magnetti will you step beyond what’s holding you back and create a brand for success.

Does your business offer value? Do you really understand what your clients want? Are you willing to show yourself for the professional you are?
Working with Monica Magnetti as a brand specialist means
• Connecting with yourself—your inner fire—and understanding who you truly are
• Using your fire as a marketing tool to differentiate yourself in a vast marketplace
• Getting what you want

Do you believe in your business? In yourself? Are you good at showing your clients who you are?
Stop hiding in plain sight! You are unique. You and your business are priceless. You have value to offer your clients—and the world—though that value may be hiding in uninspired, old-school marketing. It’s time to assess who you really are and where you want to go.
Monica Magnetti says . . . To get what you want, you have to know what you want.
Do you really know what you want? Contact Monica Magnetti for a private, one-on-one consultation and start rebranding your vision now.

When was the last time you took a good look at the value your business offers?
As a Business Coach and Marketing Consultant, Monica Magnetti can tell you that nowadays product is obsolete. Anyone can find anything with the click of a button. What people want is value. So, what’s the difference between marketing product and marketing value? It’s what your product or service brings to your clients’ lives.
Every business is different, every person is different. Monica Magnetti will help you define your market demographic with an eye to the value you offer your clients. Bring clarity to your marketing strategy. Contact Monica today.

Is your life out of balance?
Did you know that all the parts of your life align? It’s true. So, if there is a disconnect somewhere, then your whole life is out of kilter.
Monica Magnetti is there for you. She holds multiple certifications—because all the parts of your life intertwine, and you want a consultant who can help you find balance.

F R E E   4   Y O U

Wouldn’t you like to glide through life with ease? Monica’s FREE MP3 Download Being in the Present – Achieve More Clarity will bring you one big step closer to the life you are looking for.

2 free eBooks to support you branding and establishing your business:

Spark Success in Your Business - 10 Elements of a Strong Business Foundation and Successful Internet Branding. Create a unique marketing foundation and successful internet branding so that you can reach more clients and thrive in your business!

A Collection of Fiery Wisdom on Business and Life Teachings from the DragonLet the dragon enlighten your way. This eBook is a collection of fiery blogs that I created for YOU so that you can navigate your business and personal life with passion.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

We all want to live our multifaceted lives with power and joy. Monica wants you to connect with your passions and values and surrender to a life enlightened by the spark within you. You are a strong professional. You deserve to look deep within yourself, to channel your inner dragon and breathe your power out into the world!

The work Monica loves best is helping clients ignite their inner fire—in both their personal and business lives.  When you ignite your fire and show it to the world, everyone wins.

XOXO, Monica


Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseAuthor
Career Coach
Life Coach
Spiritual Coach
I offer my servicesTelephone
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Willing To Meet in Public Locations like Starbucks (please inquire)
Via Skype
I am fluent inEnglish
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