How Business Coach Monica Magnetti Supports Leaders


How Business Coach Monica Magnetti Supports Leaders
Learn how to revamp your marketing strategy while also establishing your legacy of value.

A business coach with marketing and branding  background like me coaches leaders to renew their vision and establish new connections with the ever-changing market, connections based on the value the leader offers rather than the product they sell. To pro-actively pursue value based marketing offers double advantages: it renews leaders marketing strategy and it establishes their legacy.

This unique approach supports leaders as they rediscover their true essence and how to live their lives authentically in the business arena. Leaders learn to communicate more effectively in their business—that extension of themselves where they can create their legacy of value.


As a Business Coach I include branding in my work. A branding consultant supports companies as they make the shift from advertising their product to value based marketing, which is advertising the value they provide and establishing their legacy in the world.

In these recessionary times, with the ease of product searching on the Internet, a value based marketing philosophy brings increased revenue and tremendous positive change in establishing the brand of companies.

With products being promoted in every possible way, a value-based marketing approach enables companies to become very competitive. After all, everyone understands value.

No one speaks for your business better than you do. The goal of a Business Coach like me who is also a Branding Consultant is to support you, the leader, by finding ways to free up your time to get out to events where you can promote the value of your business. I work with leaders like you to revamp your marketing strategy and therefore establishing your legacy in the world.

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M o n i c a  M a g n e t t i   BFA/CPCC
The Get What You Want Business Coach
& Internet Brand Consulting Services

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Monica Magnetti

Business Coach

M o n i c a  M a g n e t t i   BFA/CPCC
The Get What You Want Coach
& Internet Brand Consulting Services

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Credentials: CPCC
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