5 Effective Alternatives To Spanking Your Kids


5 Effective Alternatives To Spanking Your Kids [EXPERT]
Studies show spanking can be harmful to kids. Check out these five punishment alternatives.

5. Cause and Effect. A child deliberately spills their cup of juice. Your motherly instinct tells you to sigh, moan and refill it. Stop right there. Often, it can be a good lesson to teach your child about the effects of such an action. If they deliberately spill their drink, don't refill it when they ask for a drink. Teach them that when something is empty, it can't always be refilled easily. This should teach them the value of finite resources. Anxious Parenting: Are You Guilty Of It?

Discipline and punishment should always be varied according to the 'crime' in question, but often, the best form of discipline is making your child understand the gravity of their error. Communicate with them in such a way that they will not want to repeat that behavior again. And remember: make sure you behave the way you want your children to behave.

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