5 Reasons Why You May Find It Hard to Orgasm


5 Reasons Why You May Find It Hard to Orgasm
Five mental and emotional factors that lead to orgasm-less sex

5) Security – I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t have insecurities. Whether it’s a bottom too big, or a bottom too small, a muffin top, or ripples of cellulite, concerns about the way we look, feel or taste down there or even just the obsession with pulling the most attractive faces during sex, we all have body hang-ups or insecurities that can block our journey to orgasm. Improving self-esteem and having a partner that champions us despite our “faults” helps us relax and most importantly makes us feel safe and comfortable. And when we’re not obsessing about how we look, we can spend more time on just enjoying our love-making thus making us more receptive to an orgasm.

After all, orgasm is as much a physical experience as it is a mental and emotional one.


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