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What Is Intimacy?


Do you and your partner have the same definition of intimacy?

When I’m seeing clients, a really big part of my job is to educate them. During the session they come in stating “we don’t have intimacy” – “I wish he was more intimate” with me. My first priority is to make sure each partner knows what intimacy means and more importantly that they both each know what each other’s definition is so they are on the same page. This is often the bud of miscommunication. I also want to educate them on the two different types of intimacy, physical and emotional. Most of the time, each partner has two completely different ideas of what intimacy is.

This video is easy to understand and can immediately start improving your relationship.

I hope you and your partner find this video helpful and can work towards a better understand of what intimacy is to better help your communication as well as your emotional intimacy to help increase your physical intimacy.

See how easy that is!

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