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How Sex Smart Are You?


Do you know the difference between Sexuality & Sensuality?

As a Sex Educator, I am very watchful of how terms are thrown around. Some clients tell me that they know what the terms sexuality and sensuality mean in context - which isn't the same thing as knowing what they really mean. I see the terms used interchanably all the time and I wonder if that's part of the reason people don't know themselves as well as they'd like to know themselves sexually.

I've put this video together to give you the short version of the difference between sexuality and sensuality. I strongly believe that if you know the difference, you will do better in your sexual life.

Fine tuning and paying attention to your sensual self will make sex that much better between you and your partner. When you're asked what you like in the bedroom, you'll be able to answer with more than "what you do feels good" - you'll be the one giving direction.




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