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Help! It Takes Too Long To Climax!

Help! It Takes Too Long To Climax!

Are you feeling too much pressure to climax for your partner? Read below!

There are so many unspoken pressures in the bedroom.

One for the female – having an orgasm each time. I have spoken with so many female clients that are ashamed of how long it takes them to climax and all they want to do is focus on how to get faster.

The thing is, when we rush like that, we’re missing the whole point of sex. Sex then becomes this burden and loses all of its perks of pleasure and enjoyment. It becomes a stage we have to perform on which makes a lot of us nervous and avoidant.

I made a video response for this because I’ve had too many women ask about this. It’s important to know that it does take us longer to climax in general AND we’re kind of complicated. We can’t just roll over and do it. We need to be connected, engaged, and most importantly – turned on.

Check out this video to see what you can do to speed things up in a good way:

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