Get Caught Sayin' Sweet Things


Get Caught Sayin' Sweet Things
Are you one to vent about the bad but not the good?

This is for mostly for girls but it can be for guys too!

A lot of the times when we call a girls night, it’s because we are at a breaking point in our busy lives and are super missing girl time! I personally love it!

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Topics mostly consist of: what our lovely mates are doing…to upset us!

How often is it that we are using our girl time to gush about what a wonderful man we’ve landed (outside of the first 6 months of dating)?

Even though you are talking to your most trusted girlfriends and most likely you are venting to get things off your chest you would never want your man to know…it’s not really fair to him. :-/

It paints a bad picture of who he really is which is also a reflection of who you are dear… :)

It also makes you look like you’re settling to your gals, when you’re probably just heated and in the moment. However, this taints their good-gal advice…

You see, when you start bringing people into your relationship, you start getting confused about what which thoughts are actually yours.

I’m not saying it’s not okay to vent but make sure you’re reminding yourself to gush about what a good man your guy is so when your friends are around him, they can repeat all the great things you love about him and make him feel extra loved.

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In my humble opinion, I believe the first ingredient to the foundation of relationships…is respect. Respect each other when you’re together, respect your relationship and most importantly respect it when you’re apart from each other...

Let me know your thoughts and catch me on Twitter @jennatimetweets!

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