3 Ways To Avoid Unwanted Stress

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How trying to be perfect, or anger or sadness can cause unneeded stress in your life.

Then, they must deal with how rational or irrational this fear is. If it is a real fear, with real consequences, they must weigh the benefits of speaking versus the stress of silence. Most often, being truthful and open far outweighs the benefit of silence.

Other ways to relieve stress include exercising, or doing something you love. Remember things that made you happy when you were younger and rediscover the joy of doing those things. Pick one of the things you love to do and start doing that again. Play cards, watch football, garden, cook, or watch an old movie that once made you laugh. 10 Ways To Show Yourself Love This Holiday Season


There may be something that you have to face head on. Avoiding a problem is sometimes not an option, so eliminate the problem by attacking it. Ask your friends and colleagues how they would deal with the problem. Make a "to do list" of problems you have and figure out which ones need to be resolved and how you can go about solving them. If it is not a solvable problem, then putting in down on paper and accepting its existence might also reduce your stress since you can mark it off your "to do list" as an unsolvable issue.

2. Avoid Anger

Who are you angry with and what are you angry about? Is it something within your control? Sometimes you are taking things personally that are not personal. Most of the time, people act in their own self-interest. They don't even give a thought to how their actions affect you. You have misunderstood the meaning of their actions and internalized an imaginary enemy, when in fact, no such adversary exists. How To Deal With Arguments & Anger

Often, when we feel really hopeless about things, what is really happening is we feel extremely angry. By confronting the source of your anger, you will often discover that it was just a misunderstanding and you can let go of your resentment. If there is a real issue, then talking to the person may also help both of you come to a better understanding of where the other one is coming from. Mutual understanding is a powerful ally when looking for peace of mind.

3. Avoid Sadness

Sadness can be a normal feeling. This feeling can enhance your humanity. Try not to avoid feeling sad about things that are normal to feel sad about. Running away from your natural feelings will often create more stress. Examples of things it is normal to feel sad about include the loss of a pet, being broken up with, being rejected for a job, or even little things that you might not expect. Surprisingly, if you talk about your sadness and accept it, it will often resolve much more quickly. The Way To Relating: Sadness Versus Chronic Depression

While you can identify and recognize some of these issues on your own, many of these issues can be examined and confronted more easily with the help of a professional therapist.

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