6 Sure-Fire Ways To Stay Single Forever


6 Sure-Fire Ways To Stay Single Forever [EXPERT]
Do you attract all the wrong men? Break these bad habits and see the difference!

5. Turn away advisors. Your friends and family love and care about you. While they aren't always right, they can be accurate when it comes to new guys in your life — especially if they all agree. If your friends and family say that a new guy in your life is not deserving of your love, you might want to start considering their advice.

Just be careful with this one because at times loved ones do have ulterior motives for why they don't want you to date someone. Just stay open to their thoughts and consider them.


6. Lose control of the relationship's progress. When couples lust for one another, they have a tendency to move through the stages of relationship too quickly, which often leads to the end of it. Don't ruin a relationship by letting it get out of control. Move on at a pace that makes you and the guy comfortable, and if one of you doesn't feel confident about something, don't make that move. It's better to ease into a strong bond than to rush into a weak one that breaks.

Start dating with a new perspective. Dating can be fun, and it should be. When you take it too seriously looking for your future husband, you'll quickly find it to be the biggest problem in your life. Take a break from the pressures you've placed on yourself, and just meet people. Go out there and keep the above suggestions in mind.

While it may feel awkward at first, you'll quickly see how much easier it is to turn away the guys you wouldn't want to be with, and how much simpler it is to attract the one you want in your life.

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