Fall In Love With Yourself In 2013


 Fall In Love With Yourself In 2013
Is your relationship with yourself ruining your chances of finding the love you want?

The next time you hang out with your annoying cousin or meet a stranger for the first time, let go of all judgements and remember to share humanity with them.  Awknowledging that they have their own fears, desires, wants, and pitfalls (just like you) will help you practice self-acceptance within yourself.

4. Make Time For Regular Solo Dates


Another important aspect of self-love is that you set time aside just for yourself. In these busy times, many of us are constantly checking off our never ending"to-do lists." There will always be something you have to do, people to see or places to go but self-care is an essential part of loving yourself.

When was the last time you've treated yourself to a warm bubble bath, lit candles as you read a book by the window, wrote in your journal or went out to restaurant by yourself?

If you don't remember the last time you did anything special for yourself then chances are high that you don't get much alone time to rejeuvnate and decompress from the craziness of life! Schedule a date night for yourself and plan an evening of self-indulgences that lifts you up from the inside as you restore your spirit and sense of self. Setting time for solitude allows room for you to reflect on your life and replenish yourself.

5. The Fallacy Behind Constant Comparisons

"I would kill to be in her shoes anyday"

Maybe not to that extreme, but we've all compared ourselves to someone else whom we've labled as "having it all." When you compare your failures or successes to other people, you will always find reasons on why you're not "good enough."

Every person is a unique individual with their own unique battles to fight.

The only person who has any control over your life is yourself and the more you constantly compare yourself to other people, the more you allow others to define who you are.

When you compare yourself to other people and their journey, you will costantly focus on how far you have to go and go on this perpetual loop of self-judgement. Instead of focusing on how far you still have to go, focus on how far you have gone and the  accomplisments you've achieved.

This will help fuel the motivation you want to move in a forward direction.

Getting the love you want in 2013 does not begin with getting a "new look." It does not begin with how much weight you lose or  how much money you make.

Getting the love you want begins with how you feel about yourself. If don't have a healthy relationship with yourself and you struggle with self-respect and self-love, you will have a very difficult time letting love in.

No matter how many times someone shows you how much you mean to them, you will never truly feel the extent of their love until you love yourself first.

Make 2013 the year you finally fall in love with yourself if you want this to be a year filled with joy, love, and passion.

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