Fall In Love With Yourself In 2013


 Fall In Love With Yourself In 2013
Is your relationship with yourself ruining your chances of finding the love you want?

Have you ever been skeptical of a compliment?
Have you ever compared yourself to other woman and felt inadequate?
Do you often think you're not "good enough"?

If this sounds like you, it's time for you to stop betting against yourself and come face to face with your biggest enemy...Yourself!


Goodbye to those days when you berated yourself for having curves.

Goodbye to those days when you ate your emotions with pizza and cake.

Goodbye to the judgement and self-loathing whenever you looked in the mirror.

Goodbye to 2012.

Well, hello, 2013. Make this the year you will finally fall in love with yourself!

Your relationship with yourself makes up the quality of your life. If you don't respect or love yourself, your love life will surely suffer.

Here are three ways to start loving yourself in 2013.

1. Forgive And Move On

You made a huge mistake, you cheated on your diet and ate a whole pizza by yourself, you failed at meeting a deadline, you burnt the roast in oven... Whatever you did practice the art of forgiveness and move on. The more you hold onto regret, the more suffering you add to your own life.

How can you move on and make tangible changes in your life if you can't let go of the past?

Like everybody else, you will falter, you will fall and make mistakes. Instead of holding on to what you can't undo, forgive yourself and aspire to move your situation in a positive direction. Letting go of the past is the first step to loving yourself.

2. Appreciate Your Qualities

Your biggest critic isn't your parents or your boss. Your biggest critic is yourself.

Instead of making judgements about yourself, find qualities about yourself that you appreciate most. If you can't think of one thing, then you're  not trying hard enough.

Perhaps it's your sense of humor, positive outlook, great smile, eyes that twinkle when you laugh, your tendency to always want to help others or your genuine curiosity and zest for life. When you overlook your positive qualities, you will focus on your own flaws.

Your actions and choices are fueled by your lack of self-esteem and confidence when you focus on the negative aspects of yourself. When you become your own biggest enemy, no matter how many people you have in your life, you will always feel that the cards are always stacked against you as you always question whether or not you're loved.

3. Share Humanity

Remember that everyone is fighting their own battles. A huge part of self-love is sharing humanity and letting go of all judgements with ourselves and other people. The most judgemental people are usually the ones who are most judgemental about themselves.

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