7 Online Dating Sins: Are You Guilty?


7 Online Dating Sins: Are You Guilty?
Many women make mistakes online that only attracts sociopaths and losers. Does this sound like you?

4. Lazy Dating Is for Losers

A lot of women also make the mistake not approaching men online. I understand that this can be a habit from the offline world where women usually wait for men to make the approach, but let’s cut to the chase.


You’re on a dating site because you want to meet Mr Right. So why not take an active approach in it? And, no, a “wink” doesn’t count.

Write him an actual message.

Are you going to pick the guys you want to date, or are you merely going to choose between the ones who happen to show up in your inbox?

Be active and seek out the guys you want to meet.

5. Are You Better Than My Ex?

When you pick your photos for your profile, don’t post any photos of you with your ex boyfriend.

Any guy that sees this will immediately feel threatened and turned off.

And this includes photos of your brother, gay friend, or any other man. Without getting to know you first, a man has no idea who the other guy is and may be putt off by the idea you're still friends with your ex.

And no, don’t just crop off half of the photo where it’s obvious that you’re hugging “someone” in the missing half.

Actually go out and take some photos of you by yourself that showcase who you are.

6. I’m the Most Narcissistic Person You’ll Ever Meet

Lots of women make the mistake of not really giving a guy a reason to want to get to know them.

I’ve already partially covered this in previous points about making lists about what you want in a man or being too conservative and boring with your profile.

Additionally, you want to showcase your positive qualities (and no, I’m not just talking about your legs, cleavage or your sexy little LBD). You’re going to have to go beyond looks alone if you’re hoping to meet a quality man.

Actually show your personality and what you have to offer to any potential dates. When you do this, don’t just say something like, “I’m a really nice person.” Show him that you are.

Say something instead like, “Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the grateful smile from someone when I’m volunteering at the local soup kitchen.”

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