How To Successfully Network For Love During The Holidays


How To Successfully Network For Love During The Holidays
Mick Lolekonda, Dating Coach For The Professional Woman, shares how to find love during the holidays
  • Don’t waste the whole night thinking how to talk to the “hot” ones, but of course take advantage of the opportunity if it happens. Also, use the opportunity to talk to people who are not your “type”.
  • Don’t feel you need to talk to everyone, but as a host it is your responsibility to make your guests feel relaxed by connecting with them.
  • Be approachable. Make eye contact, have a warm smile and an open-body language. After all, it is your event.
  • Be curious in what others have to say. If you fall in the trap of looking for someone better to talk to it will show.
  • Be graceful in your exit. You may need to cut a conversation short, it happens. In this case, you can excuse yourself by offering another round of drinks. If they decline the offer, you are off the hook. If not, you’ll most likely be starting a conversation with someone else on the way to get drinks. You can then always invite your initial contact to join you and your new friend.
  • Once you’ve made a great connection, agree to reconnect in the near future and follow up accordingly.

Making new friends is key to increasing your chances of finding love. You never know who will either bring you closer to your life-partner or simply end up being your life-partner.

Finally, remember to make your event fun, have a theme and enjoy the festivities.

Happy love hunting!

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