What Parents Secretly Think About Babysitters


 What Parents Secretly Think About Babysitters
Parents, we are sharing your secret thoughts about how you really feel about your babysitter...

If I don’t ask for parenting advice. Don’t give it. I have a mother in law judging my every move and I don’t need you to also. I will likely ask you for advice though, because I know that you have worked with kids and probably have some great tips!

Don’t break the rules. There is a reason I don’t let my kids stay up late, or eat extra candy, etc and I appreciate you following our guidelines. We are after all, a team.


I don’t really trust you driving with my kids. Well, it’s not just you… I also don’t trust the drivers on the road. I worry about accidents, you have my precious cargo so please be careful and stay off your phone! Even if I call you, don’t pick up until you are parked safely. I can wait.

I’m nervous to leave my kids alone with you, they are my world. And if I have nanny cameras, it’s my business. If you have nothing to hide, you will hide nothing. Plus, I like watching you read stories to the kids and seeing how much they love the voices you make for the characters.

I appreciate you being flexible with me. I cant always predict traffic.

I like when you call in sick. Well, what I mean is I like that you tell me if you are sick so that I can keep my kids healthy, and hire someone else until you are feeling better.

I love hearing you sing off key. You are trying, and that’s why we adore you. The fact that you don’t let your lack of talent stop you from having a good time encourages my children to do the same and that is a great lesson for them to learn!

Our pets are our family. Treat them just how you treat me, they are my fur kids. If you don’t like pets, we just aren’t the right family for you and that‘s okay too.

Wash your hands, often. Maybe I have OCD, but I like knowing you wash your hands frequently. Cleanliness is next Godliness.

I am so grateful to you for keeping my children safe, there is nothing and no one more important to me than my little munchkins.

We hope you enjoyed reading a few secrets from parents. We are very proud of the high quality babysitters and nannies we have here at Embracing Babies. If you are looking for someone who “gets it” and will exceed your expectations, contact us and let us amaze you. www.EmbracingBabies.com


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