How To Help Your Babysitter, Help You


How To Help Your Babysitter, Help You
You have a babysitter hired and are excited about your date night out, finally! But Wait! Read this.

Speaking of interrupting you,your babysitter will want to know when to interrupt you. If your kids miss you, should he/she call you so they can hear your voice? Or, should your babysitter only call you if there is an emergency? Should your babysitter text you or email you instead of call? Be clear on how and when your babysitter should be contacting you.

Negotiate the hourly fee upfront. Babysitters love babysitting kids but don't love the awkwardness of negotiating their salary with you on the spot or last minute. Get that out of the way before you even hire your babysitter so there are no issues. They are here to help but your babysitter is also there to get paid.


Say goodbye to your kids before you go. Yes they may be sad but it teaches them to trust you. Also, they won't go looking for you aimlessly because they will know you are not there but will return later. It teaches them to trust you, and it leaves your babysitter with a less fussy child too! When you leave to avoid the crying, all you are doing is forcing your babysitter to hear it amplified longer … unnecessarily.

Babysitters don't really want to drive your kids in their car. They are messy and they would prefer to use your family vehicle since it has the car seats properly installed anyway. If he/she are going to drive your kids around, please compensate him/her for mileage and ware/tare on the car.

Communicate on what time you'll be home. Babysitters do have a life, homework, plans outside of babysitting your kids that evening. If you are going to be late, let her/him know and if you are going to be early —  it is still fair to pay him/her until you had your babysitter block out his/her schedule for you until.

Be respectful to your babysitter and your kids will usually mimic your actions.

Let your babysitter know what you expect of him/her. Is your babysitter suppose to wash the dishes while you are gone? If so, tell her/him. Your babysitter cannot read minds and really aim to make your family happy.

Don't micromanage your babysitter. If you are texting every 10 minutes, it makes it hard for your babysitter to focus on your kids. Your babysitter loves when you check in but not when you are bombarding your babysitter with calls and texts because he/she is then distracted from your children and fear that's when things can happen that you might not want.

He/she is your babysitter, not your maid. Please don't ask your babysitter to organize the garage or pick up the dog poop in the back yard. Your babysitter is here to care for your children, not the garage or the dog's poop.

Please give your babysitter your feedback. When your kids tell you they loved your babysitter, share that with him/her! Your babysitter takes a lot of pride in what he/she does and that is the best thank you your babysitter can ask for!

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