How A Negative Body Image Keeps You Single


How A Negative Body Image Keeps You Single
Learn to stop beating yourself up and stop the negative self-talk that robs you of your happiness.

So, the next time you feel tempted to insult yourself, take a step back. Think about what you would say to a friend. We are closer to ourselves than anyone else so, we need to treat ourselves kindly because no matter what, we will still be here.  Think about what your body does for you. Consider what your life would be like without the body parts you judge so harshly and try to accept yourself as you are because that is truly the only way to feel free. Stop putting your life on hold until you feel better about your body because you will miss out on so much. My favorite quote is by Andrew Denton where he so eloquently states that “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are”. I think he is on to something!

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