Study Says Working Full-Time Benefits Moms


Study Says Working Full-Time Benefits Moms [EXPERT]
7 reasons moms should ditch the guilt and embrace their careers.

6. It forces moms to require more of their spouses. One of the most overlooked benefits of being a full-time working mom is the opportunity to cultivate a more involved spouse and dad. For moms to work full-time, it often requires their husband to increase their level of daily involvement in caring for the children and maintaining the home. To have a dual-income family, both parents must contribute a fair share to helping care for the kids and the home.

7. It gives moms the opportunity to be a special role model for their children. Working moms set the bar for having a solid work ethic. They also teach their children the value in prioritizing, decision-making and sacrifice. Children with full-time working moms learn from an early age that there are rewards for hard work. These include family vacations, educational opportunities, having new school clothes, playing sports and engaging in other activities that they may have otherwise not.


Whether you're a working mom or stay-at-home mom, guilt is "mommyversal." The good news is that when the benefits of working full-time are closely examined, working moms may discover they have less than they thought to feel guilty about. Dealing With Guilt As A Working Mom

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