How To Survive the Trauma of Valentines Day


How To Survive the Trauma of Valentines Day
Being single on Valentine’s Day is no fun.

5 - Strategize how to find a man like that. Get out of the looking for love rut by looking for it in a whole new way. It’s time for a new strategy: You will attract men who resonate with who you are, the energy you exude, the passion you live with and the person you are striving to be. Starting today make a commitment to become even more of your true self; focus on deepening your connection to her and let that lead you to situations that bring you in contact with new people, one of whom may be your mate, or can introduce you to him.

While on V-day you can swear off magazines, television, radio and the internet your own mind can still keep dragging you back to memories of that shocking breakup, or deeper down into the disturbing experience of all your fears about whether or not you are even lovable. The further down that rabbit hole you go the more powerless, hopeless and helpless you’ll feel.

The key to surviving Valentine’s Day unscathed lies in shifting yourself out of woe-is-me thinking and instead moving into go-is-me behaving. You are a gift, a prize, a woman to be cherished and adored. This holiday, start believing, living and loving yourself that way. 

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