4 Ways To Overcome Obstacles To Your Happiness


4 Ways To Overcome Obstacles To Your Happiness
How you approach the journey to happiness has everything to do with achieving it.

It’s very common to put your focus in one place so that you can avoid focusing on something that may be uncomfortable. For example, a situation or a trauma in the past can still be nagging at you and so, even though you have taken actions to experience happiness, the issue that’s causing your unhappiness still exists – and gets in the way of your feeling what you want. If this is the case, it might be time for you to take a break from “I’m going to be happy!” and spend a little time on “I have some issues to resolve.”

Assess your commitment to achieving your happiness goals. If you find that you quit at the first sign of a challenge or disappointment, you’ll need to find ways to strengthen your quest endurance. This can mean identifying reasons why you quit — and finding ways around them, getting a buddy to travel the journey with you and hold you accountable for taking actions, finding support systems that help you stay focused and positive, or even rewarding yourself with gifts along the way for each goal you achieve.

As you figure out what’s blocking your happiness and how to remove those obstacles from your path, remember that to achieve anything of value takes time. Slow down, and allow yourself to move at a pace that brings happiness to you in an organic, holistic and solid way. Then, decide that you deserve it, acknowledge that you are worth it, and give yourself permission to enjoy happiness more than you ever thought you could!

This article was originally published at Concious Life News. Reprinted with permission.
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