Are You Destined To Be Single Forever?


The Three Types Of Women Who Are Destined To Be Single Forever
Try as you might, you just can't seem to land a guy. What's up with that?

The Woman That Works

The three types of women mentioned above all possess an undefined expectation of what their lives "should be." They use their coping mechanisms (mechanisms that are futile) to bridge the impassable chasm that separates them from where they are and where they are "supposed" to be. To put this in the simplest terms, these types of women live in a fantasy land (animated birds that help with laundry may or may not be involved).

The contrary to these women is a woman whose feet are firmly planted in reality. She faces love and heartache with both courage and poise and all while knowing that hurt is inevitable. Rather than make excuses for this hurt, or pretend it doesn't exist, she sees it as part of life and a tool she can use to grow and (cliché alert) truly know herself.

She is not afraid to be vulnerable and has no delusions about her need to be perfect, to appear perfect, or to be in a perfect relationship. But, she isn't apathetic. She recognizes the areas where she is lacking (according to her own standards) and works to bridge that gap. She is not a tempest tossed by the winds of popular opinion or swayed by other's approval and disapproval (this isn't to say that she tells Oprah to stick her advice where the sun don't shine, but she has created her own unique version for her life and works to obtain it). As a result, she is able to love fully fearlessly in a manner where she doesn't have a self-imposed filter system. She is able to give more, which always gets her more in return.

The Conclusion You've Been Waiting For

If you're a Negative Nancy, a Positive Paula, or a Fated Farrah, you will likely either be alone or in a relationship that leaves you unfulfilled. However, if you alter your attitude, you might just open yourself up to true happiness.

Believe it or not, it's easier and more enjoyable to be vulnerable. Scary? Yes. But the fear is what makes it enjoyable, like the anticipation of the drop on a roller coaster, or the fluttering in your gut when you're in love.

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