Are You Destined To Be Single Forever?


The Three Types Of Women Who Are Destined To Be Single Forever
Try as you might, you just can't seem to land a guy. What's up with that?

It really comes down to this: not every man and every woman make a great couple (haven't we learned anything from Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards?). There are men and women who are just not compatible as well as men and women who, when paired together, are like fire and gasoline (their relationship is explosive and not in a good way). Yet, Positive Paula refuses to see this. She ignores the actuality of a situation and coaches her way to a forced smile. But this isn't reality. Sometimes, the sun doesn't shine through a rain storm.

At best, this determination leaves Positive Paula fooling herself; at worst, it can be dangerous (as would be the case if she tried to put a positive spin on something like abuse). But, no matter what, it leaves Positive Paula acting positively idiotic.


Fated Farrah

The third woman who is destined to be alone is Fated Farrah. This is the type of women who has a spiritual one-liner to cover every self-perceived failure or disappointment she hasn't mustered the courage to face.

Fated Farrah explains things away by stating that it was "meant to be." It might be meant by God, or the Universe, or something Misses Cleo said on the Psychic Reader’s Network. Fated Farrah may allow things like moon phases, horoscopes, and astrological signs to dictate her life. She may see signs and omens everywhere, and she may patiently wait for the day when the Heavens merge her aura with that of another.

Fated Farrah is fated to be single because of her reliance on the world to do things for her. When people believe that everything is meant to be, they expend less effort and are lackadaisical about failures. After all, if things are meant to be, they will be regardless of an individual's actions. These people sit and wait for life to bring them what they want, rather than going out and getting it.

These three women may very well find a partner, a mate, someone to spend their lives with. They may find something that resembles happiness. But they won't find what they are desperate to find: the connection, the deep abiding feeling of being known by another person. Known for all their self-perceived faults, all their own self-perceived "ugliness" and accepted for it and not in spite of it, but deeply loved for the very things that embarrass and shame them most.

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