Show Them What They’re Missing: 5 Ways to Make an Ex Jealous


Show Them What They’re Missing: 5 Ways to Make an Ex Jealous
All is fair in love and war.

Breakups can cause all sorts of emotions to rise up and flow to the surface. Sometimes, we are devastated, unable to function by the loss of our love. Other times, we are relieved, happy that we’ve dodged the bullet that is our ex-boyfriend and his super crazy mother. And then there are times we are vindictive, hell bent on making our ex regret their decision.

For those of us who fall into the latter category, making an ex jealous can seem a bit juvenile. But, who cares…I know you are, but what am I. Or, whatever. The fact remains that sometimes a little payback is necessary; remember, all is fair in love and war (collectively known as “romance”).

So, if you find yourself wanting to make an ex jealous and show them what they are missing, consider doing the following:

Make Yourself Be Happy
Being happy may be the largest gun you have in your arsenal of revenge. This isn't to say that you can’t be upset by the breakup, use a few tissues, or lay in bed for a few extra hours, but after the grief period is over, you need to leave your house with a smile on your face. Even if you aren’t actually happy, pretending to be can be beneficial. It plays into the whole “fake it till you make it” game and it shows your ex that he or she isn’t life-ending. This makes them believe that you have moved on from them (and you very well might have), ultimately causing them to rethink their decision.

Be Nice When You See Them
Some people break up with their girlfriend or boyfriend and never see them again, except for the occasional glance onto their Facebook page. But, they don’t actually see them in person. Then there are those who see their ex more than they see their family. This most often happens when people who live in the same area or are in the same social circles break up. So, if you fit into these categories and happen to see your ex, be nice to them. Don’t bring up your relationship, what happened between you, or assign fault. Instead, make small talk – talk about your work or the weather or how the Yankees came from behind last night to beat the Sox. But, always be civil (civil, not flirtatious). Niceties will make your ex think that they’re easy to get over, which lays a sucker punch right where it hurts: their ego.

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