She's That Into You: Cracking the Code of Women


She's That Into You: Cracking the Code of Women
Women give off signals telling you how they feel.

If we all lived in a utopia, dating would be much easier. Rather than filled with games and things left unsaid, people would be upfront with their thoughts, letting people know they were into them with a simple: “Guess what? I’m into you.” However, as a species, humans are innately insecure, and that often prevents us from wearing our hearts on our sleeves. So, we show that we like each other through a sort of code. A code, it turns out, that isn’t all that difficult to crack.

For men, reading women can be particularly difficult: you just might have no idea what the female gender is thinking, like ever thinking. Yet, when a woman is into you, she gives off certain signs. These signals let you know that she is interested in you romantically.


Of course, all women are different: some may prefer to go the kindergarten route and profess their love simply by pulling your hair. But, in general, you can tell a woman is into you when:

She introduces you to her friends: Women, at least usually, care a great deal about their friends: heck, they can’t even bare to make a trip to the bathroom without them. Often, their friends are their confidants, their trusty side-kicks, and their shoulders to cry on. In other words, they don’t introduce them to just anybody. Instead, if a woman introduces you to her gal pals, it’s usually because she thinks you’re worth it.

She sleeps with you: Saying that men and women view sex differently is about as breaking news as saying swallowing a bottle of aspirin is bad for you. But, while men tend to sleep with a woman for nearly any reason (i.e., she’s breathing), women sleep with men they care about. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule: men don’t always have a monopoly on the whole “just wanting to get laid thing.” Still, when a woman lets you in (literally), chances are high that she has feelings for you.

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