Sex Education: What We Didn't Learn in School


Sex Education: What We Didn't Learn in School
Real sex education is taught in the bedroom, not the classroom.

Ah, sex education: those two weeks in fifth grade when we all squirmed, gaped, and tried so hard to quiet the giggles that came out every time our teacher uttered the word penis or period (quick, think of something sad!). We learned about the birds, the bees, and the many STD’s. But, as much as sex education claims to educate, the truth is it really did anything but.

Now, it's still a vital part of cirriculum: if nothing else, it helps teach adolescents to make smart choices. Yet, it doesn't educate us on sex's true essence. 

The reason for this is simple: true sex education involves more than learning about hormones and watching after school specials where Sally gets the herps from sleeping with the entire high school football team. Instead, sex education is about things that can’t be taught in school…and certainly shouldn’t be taught in the fifth grade.

I’m not talking about positions or technique; rather, I’m talking about the following tiny, but ever important, tidbits:

Men and women view sex differently: Men and women have always had, and probably always will have, inherently different views when it comes to sex. Men tend to view it more casually, while women are more likely to tie it with emotions. Perhaps because of this, men are more likely to sleep with a woman they don’t really know that well, whereas women are much more likely to only sleep with someone they care about. And, as every single made for TV movie has taught us, women equate sex with love and committment much more often than men. 

Sexual affairs aren’t usually about sex: When a husband or a wife finds themselves reserving a room at Hal’s Happy Endings, the local hotel on route 96 that books by the hour, people assume that it is purely for reasons that are sexual. Yet, the truth remains that only a very small percent of people have affairs because of sexual dissatisfaction. Far more often they have them because of emotional dissatisfaction.

There is a double standard: Women have long pointed out the double standard that exists between the genders. Though younger men may pass this off as women being paranoid (and older men may pass it off as them having the “Vapors”), the facts support the feminine argument: in a 2013 survey reported by Psychology Today, more than a quarter of men said they would lose respect for a woman who engages in casual sex but would not lose respect for a man who does the same. These men may be in the minority, but they still prove that a double standard exists somewhat.

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