Breaking Up Respectfully: How to End a Relationship With Tact


Breaking Up Respectfully: How to End a Relationship With Tact
Ending a relationship takes courage, not convenience.

Most people scour the internet for advice on how to make a relationship succeed (well, that and porn). But, sometimes the opposite advice is needed; sometimes people need to know how to end a relationship. Now, the answer to this is fairly simple: there are about as many ways to end a relationship as there are Disney Dalmatians. That’s right, there are 101….I’ve counted them.

But, knowing how to end a relationship is different than knowing how to end one with tact. Anyone can send a text, leave a voicemail, or tell their partner they are moving to Guam on a super-secret CIA mission that involves Claire Dane’s character from Homeland and Jason Bourne. Anyone can do that, but ending a relationship in a respectful, adult manner typically takes more effort.

So, the next time you are wondering how to end a relationship, remember the following:

Don’t use technology: Yes, technology is convenient and, as such, we want to use it for everything. But, technology is also impersonal. It’s because of this impersonality that using technology to end a relationship isn’t something that should be encouraged. Instead, break up with someone face to face. Yes, it’s more awkward and ups the odds of you having a pitcher of water poured over your head, but it’s also the mature thing to do.

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