A Mama's Boy No More: Keys to a Healthy Relationship


A Mama's Boy No More: Keys to a Healthy Relationship
Mama's boys walk the fine line between endearing and annoying.

Women looking for a healthy relationship often look for many things. They want a man who is employed, caring, kind-hearted, and supportive. An ability to make them laugh or make them breakfast in bed, naturally, doesn’t hurt. But, these aren’t the only things involved in the female’s quest for love: how a man treats his mother is also important.

It has often been said that the way a son acts towards the woman who gave him birth is a good indication of how he will be towards a wife. If a son and his mother have a healthy relationship, it bodes well that the son and his wife will have the same. But, if a son and mother have a relationship that is estranged, disrespectful, or non-existent, the son’s role as a husband may be one he has a bit more difficultly adapting to.

Then, of course, there is the other end of the spectrum, the side where the mother and son have such a healthy relationship that it becomes anything but. That’s right, I’m talking about the mama’s boy.

You don’t have to have breast fed until high school or still live at home to be a mama’s boy. Many men are mama’s boys and don’t even realize that they are labeled as such. Yet, when it comes to romance, acknowledging your mama's boy potential is imperative because of one factor: what men may interpret as a healthy relationship between mother and son, women may interpret as a deal-breaker.

In a way, this seems unfair: how are women qualified to judge the relationship you have with your mother? They may not be qualified, per say, but their judgments are based on experience, and you can’t argue with a person’s experience.

This isn’t to say you can’t be loving and loyal towards your mom; there is no need to unfriend your mom on Facebook or quit going over for Sunday dinner. But, when wooing a new woman or trying to get an ex-girlfriend back, it’s best to part with the following three traits that many mama’s boys have in common:

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