How Having A Little Faith Can Ease Your Depression

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How Having A Little Faith Can Ease Your Depression
Calling on your faith may be the best way to combat signs of depression.

Another story from the Old Testament is about Joseph, the favored son of the Patriarch Jacob (Israel). The story unwinds about how his brothers conspire against this dreamer and eventually sell him into slavery in Egypt. While there, he ends up further suffering in a dungeon for years. But when the moment was right, God rescued Joseph in miraculous ways and he ended up being second to Pharaoh, and saved the remnant of Israel from the devastating famine. Stories like these, found in the pages of the Holy books, are able to inspire those suffering with depression to hold on and hope that God will help out there situation like He did in the Sacred Book. How To Talk With Someone You Love When They Are Depressed

In the Quran we read the story of the patient old man. At the end of the story we read the wisdom: remember, there is always someone else who has more problems than you do. The tag line on the end is an example of hope in the midst of suffering. This is the third example of how Religion/spirituality can help with depression. 

If you or someone you care about is suffering from depression, hopefully they can find hope in the words penned above, and will allow the God of their understanding to help them heal!

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