How Having A Little Faith Can Ease Your Depression

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How Having A Little Faith Can Ease Your Depression
Calling on your faith may be the best way to combat signs of depression.

Some of the symptoms commonly associated with depression include loss of appetite, energy, and enthusiasm, diminished interest in things previously enjoyed, sleeplessness or hypersomnia, poor concentration, and social withdrawal. Some people have feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness or inappropriate guilt. Others face low self-esteem and too many have suicidal thoughts.

Did you know that science has discovered that applying our faith to our circumstances can reduce depression? Most of us believe in some sort of benevolent Higher Power or God who is able to help us in our time of need. According to surveys most people pray to God on a fairly regular basis. Some of us wait until we get into some sort of jam we can't get out of before we call for help from God.


Recently, research from Wayne State University has demonstrated that even people suffering from traumatic brain injuries have been positively helped specifically by their faith. A definite correlation exists between those who are self-reported as having religious beliefs or seeing themselves as Spiritual (a connection to a Higher Power) and better emotional and physical rehabilitation outcomes! The same is true for those who suffer from depression. 10 Steps To Connect With Your Spirituality While Depressed

Part of the problem with depression is that we feel so out of control, we lack the ability to handle it. No matter what we do with all of our wisdom, all of the methods we use to attempt to overcome those horrible symptoms, they just don't work. We’re left in a closed loop system feeling like a rodent on a wheel just spinning out of control. Most of us are powerless to change our mood. Religious practices and spiritual mindedness point us away from what we can do, and towards relying on our Higher Power. The hope is that He can do what I can not.

In 12-step groups this is what the first step leads people to see, their powerlessness to change on their own. In the first step prayer, people reach out to the God of their understanding. The Big Book says, "God, Creative Intelligence, Universal Spirit of Nature or Spirit of the Universe my name is ________, and I’m a real alcoholic … and I need your help today." I'm certainly not making depression equal to alcoholism, but I'm pointing to the fact that when something seems bigger than what I have been able to handle, turning to a Higher Power for outside help is a common practice.

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