Overcoming Anxiety - Quantum Focusing For Health And Healing


Overcoming Anxiety - Quantum Focusing For Health And Healing
Learning and practicing "Quantum Focusing" promotes health and well-being!

Overcoming Anxiety - Quantum Focusing for Health, Healing and Well Being.





"When I find myself in times of trouble,

mother Mary comes to me,

speaking words of wisdom,

let it be."

The Beatles


I'm Michael Ellner and I am a Medical Hypnotist and Mindfulness Educator for NYC Anxiety Hypnosis.


We all have experienced some level of inner-conflict. Satisfy or resist, satisfy or resist, the tension grows until we yield or resist and move on. The goal of this article is to make you aware of how learning and practicing "Quantum Focusing®" (Self-hypnotically enhanced Mindfulness) can help you create the space to overcome anxiety and take the unnecessary suffering out of pain and feel strong enough to create change. Quantum Focusing is more than a state of mind - Quantum Focusing is an attitude and a state of being. As we realize and appreciate how our beliefs, expectations and state of being either enhance or degrade our life experiences, we are able to fully experience the pain and joy in our lives and it is OKAY because we have learned to eliminate the unnecessary suffering we experience as a result of our previous conditioning, beliefs and expectations. Quantum Focusing is intentional relaxation initiated by focusing attention on a bodily-function like breathing or heartbeat or by simply scanning ones body and focusing on bodily sensations. Doing so automatically creates and holds the space to let life be... Becoming more resilient is simply a matter of conditioning. We know that two people who are faced with the same stressful situations can react very differently. One may fall apart and become incapacitated by the challenge it presents while the other is calm and peaceful. New research demonstrates that the difference in their reactions lies in their prior conditioning and internal neurological connections.

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