How To Enhance Your Sex Life Using Your Imagination


When it comes to your sexual satisfaction, your imagination can be your best friend.

As you think about your favorite shade of green, imagine that you are connecting the neurochemistry of a very willing body, mind and spirit to this favorite shade of green. You are conditioning yourself to feel ready, willing and able to engage in the moment and let yourself go whenever you give yourself the green light to do so. All you have to do when you're ready is mentally flash on your favorite shade of green. How cool is that?

I recommend practicing this process once a day for seven days to set your "I'm in the mood" conditioned reaction. Feel free to vary the memories and fantasies; remember, you are a master chef. Make it your kind of delicious! Tips For Talking Dirty [VIDEO]

Please note: the above process is not intended or offered as medical or psychological treatment of any kind. If you think you might be experiencing any kind of sexual dysfunction, a medical evaluation is highly recommended.


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