The secrets to Love, Italian Style!


The secrets to Love, Italian Style!

2. Shoes: An outfit is made by the shoes, use the walking shoes for walking and the tennis shoes for tennis, and leave the Italian shoes to the Italian Designers. Designers design shoes with discomfort in mind….well, not really, lets just say they don’t design with practicality in mind, why else do you think we have the hottest 4 inch heels and pointy toe shoes in the world coming out of a country that has cobbles stone streets and everything is walking distance!

3. Accessories: Ok, I know I just said that shoes make the outfit, but I will have to correct myself in saying that accessories make an outfit. Accessories, like jewelry, scarves, belts are sometimes the kicker that make Italian women look so stylish. They could be wearing just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but watch what else they have added, like a big bulky necklace and a hot leather hip belt and voila’, the look is sealed. Ladies we must learn to accessories!!! And boys, women love it when you gift them accessories, its like a new toy for us, we can play with them all day long!


4. Sensitivity: It is all about the sexiness. Italian women Love to look and feel sexy and they also Love the attention it gets them from the men, however it has to be done all in good taste. A little skin must show but not too much, you want to show what is supposed to show enough, but not show too much – got it? Subtlety is key when being sexy, why else do you think Italian women are so fit and you can’t find a women who is more than 10 pounds over her body weight? So she can show off her body, why else!

5. Adaptation: Every season brings new fashions, new looks, new ideas and Italian women change they fashion skin like a snake, shedding the old look and adapting to the trendy image the local designers have concocted. Italian women have the uncanny ability to always choose styles that flatter their body and compliment their color tones. They do so by covering up those flaws they don’t want to reveal and showing off the assets they want people to notice. Follow these steps and you will be sure to connect with your passion and love the way you look and feel in no time!

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