"Making Love" At Work


"Making Love" At Work
Heighten your love attraction meter by building passion for what you do.

Get Up Early & Get To Bed Early
Creating a routine is very important for your sanity and your productivity. So get up early as if you were going to go to work somewhere, take a shower and dress for business. Mornings are the most productive part of our day, so use them to get your most important tasks out of the way. Get up and go to bed at the same time, if you stick to this you’ll find that you get more done and you won’t have to work as late. Make your weekends time to decompress and take a break as well.

Eat Regular Meals, No Munching Allowed
With busy schedules it can sometimes be hard to make time to nourish your body, don’t forget to feed yourself. Eating 5 small meals a day will help keep your metabolism up, especially if you exercise regularly.


It can get really comfy at home as there’s no real reason to leave the house anymore…right? Wrong, you want to make sure you schedule movement in your day even if it just walking the dog. Going to the gym can actually help your system get ready for the work day ahead.

Keep Work & Home Things Separate
It is imperative to keep things separated, if you don’t you will find yourself loosing track of things and not getting all of your tasks done. If you have space for an office, please use it, if not determine which home space to dedicate to your work and stick to it. An office helps keep distractions to a minimum and helps you feel like “you’re at work.”

Have A Start & Finish Time For Work
Try to treat working from home like a normal job, work starts at 9am and finishes at 5.30pm (if you need to work later you can). This way you’ll try to get everything you need to get done by the time work is over. If the day is “unlimited” then we tend to waste time reading blogs & forums.

Schedule Your Day
You can use you web calendar or your email software to enter your to do list, meetings and anything else that you need to do in a day so you know exactly what to expect from your day.

Space Matters, Be Organized
Organization is key to making working at home work. File your paperwork, create folders in your computer to keep things easy to find, don’t let paperwork pile up, and always purge old notes, papers, binders and anything else you don’t use on a daily basis.

Build A Team
There’s no bigger bottleneck in your operation than yourself. If you see you can’t get everything done, outsource tasks, form partnerships with other affiliates or hire a VA (virtual Assistant) to help you with some simple tasks they can do remotely.

Get Out & Have Fun!
Don’t overdo it, working from home is fun, but don’t let it get in the way of your personal relaxing time and time with your family. Make time to go out for a short period of time and connect with others, no one wants to be cooped up at home every day!

So it isn’t really that much different than having to work in an office, it will just require a bit more discipline. It’s great! And I can attest to the growth in confidence and the satisfaction that is derived from making my work/home life work. I have become more attractive in all areas (I am not talking about the physical aspect) and all around, making me a great catch for any sensible, successful, confident man out there!

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