"Making Love" At Work


"Making Love" At Work
Heighten your love attraction meter by building passion for what you do.

Okay, okay, hold up. We all know that some of you have actually made love in your office, your bosses' office, in the cubicle next door, and maybe even at the security desk. And frankly I know how exciting it can be, fooling around doing something you are not supposed to, making an effort to not get caught. It is all the thrill of the “making love at work” game.

But here I am talking about a different “making love at work”, I am talking about making love TO your work, which  makes you happier, more confident and all around more attractive, heightening your love attraction meter so it gets set to high when it comes to calling in a mate from the opposite sex. In essence, you want to make love at work, while you're working, TO your work.


Specifically, I want to talk about work that is done at home. Home based business professionals have more challenges when it comes to keeping their work and personal space separate given that it is all under one roof.

In this new economic landscape, more and more people are working from home and are creating a balance between their personal and business lives. I am one of those people. But it wasn’t long ago that working from home was not looked upon so keenly. Judgments and assumptions were made about you if you worked from home. Sometimes business was lost to a brick and mortar operation because of the “unprofessional” assumptions people had about work-from-home professionals.

To tell you the truth, I too had those same thoughts and feelings about working from home, until I just fell into creating my home/work life when I was pregnant with my daughter 7 years ago. At the time I had 3 retail stores in the Bay Area and I was living in Los Angeles, so I really had no office to go to here, and I started working from home as a necessity.

At first, it took a little getting used to. I had to make myself work and discipline was a hard thing to learn at the time for me. But I was able to make it work and now I would never consider anything else at this stage of my business. Just thinking of having the overhead of a store or office makes me feel claustrophobic. I experience freedom in working from home and I love that!

As a creative person, working from home should be easy, but it can be tricky as structure is more of a challenge for us than for non-creative people. If you are one of these people, especially if you are a designer or in the fashion industry, you are told that your work must be done in an office or at someone else’s business. Think again! Know that there is a way to make it all work and, please understand that it is ok for you to work from home!

There are some tricks that can help you be the most productive when you are working at home and I would like to share the ones that have helped me.

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