Look of Love: the 5 Dimensions


Look of Love: the 5 Dimensions

Life: We are here for a reason, and I believe one of them is to live life to the fullest, enjoy our experiences and contribute to someone else’s life for the better. If we can’t love the life we are leading, we cannot fulfill any of the above goals. When you go, you want to be completely used up, go for your dreams, do the things you enjoy and love every moment of it. Give yourself completely to life and in turn it will give in abundance back to you!

Romantic: Romance and Love are synonymous for many, and it is the dimension of love that most emphasis because it is the most misunderstood. When we speak about romantic love, we also have to integrate all the other dimensions too. We have to love ourselves so we can love our partner and we must love how and where we live, we must be happy about the work we do and feel good about the life we lead. If any of these dimensions is missing or imbalanced, the romantic love will have a hard time surviving without the support of the other dimensions. Think of a ladder, the steps above must be built on the steps below, because without them the ladder would crumble. And so romantic love must be built on a solid foundation of loving all areas of one’s life so one can be strong and powerful and any relationship.

So here is your “Love Look Book” ready for the runway that is your life. Use the book as often as you like and refer to it when you need to make a shift so you can create the life-style of your dreams….and Love it all!

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