Arnold Pens Book; Maria Takes More Media Abuse


Arnold Pens Book; Maria Takes More Media Abuse [EXPERT]
Why Arnold Schwarzenegger should take a long walk off a short pier and leave Maria alone.

Often wives put up with their husbands' shenanigans for far too long. Maria likely falls in this category, and I'm sure she's beaten herself up for not acting sooner. Do we really need to add to her devastation?

The question is: Why are the wives of chronic cheaters often so slow to see the light? Frequently, they're mistakenly convinced that if they just try harder their husbands will behave themselves.


They usually have children and want to keep their families together. They convince themselves that if they're steadfast, everything will work out in the end.

Remember, these kinds of men can be incredibly charming and fun to be with. They're really good at convincing you that whatever's wrong is your fault, not their's — unless, of course, they want to pretend to accept the blame in order to convince you that they've got a sensitive, repentant side.

Being in a long-term marriage with one of these masters of illusion can make you doubt whether anything about your relationship was true, at least until you've shed their influence and start to look at things with new eyes.

As for Maria and others similar to her, their fault lies in the fact that they've allowed their husbands to deceive them, opting to ignore their behavior and believe their words. But when the two aren't congruent, don't listen to the words. "I love you" and "I'll never be unfaithful again" never trumps conduct.

These shameless guys make hollow promises in favor of winning temporary advantage. Forget their words — only behavior counts.

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