5 Ways To Avoid Those Dreaded Dead-End Relationships


5 Ways To Avoid Those Dreaded Dead-End Relationships
The tips will make sure you are ready to receive love before it comes your way.

Humans are pack animals. We are designed to live, eat, work, and play together. When we are single, in most cases, we are continually scanning and searching for the ideal mate to connect with and share our lives with. It is an instinctive, healthy drive. In my mentoring practice, I see many clients searching outside themselves for satisfaction.

In relationships, if we don't possess a healthy sense of self, we end up matching up with someone who perfectly fits the pieces of us we have discounted, disowned, and rejected. For example, let's say you are a woman who grew up with a distant, emotionally unavailable father. You may choose a man whose attention you have to work hard for.

Initially, you have strong chemistry with this man and you feel like you can't live without him near you. But soon, within three months to three years, you find that he drives you crazy—and not in a good way. The very needs you want met, he seems unable to even see, never mind fulfill. You want affection, adoration, and gifts, and he grants you the occasional dinner out and some quickie sex.

What do you do? You do more for him. You cook him more dinners at home, dress up in sexy lingerie, and suggest therapy. It doesn't do a damn thing to get you back to those hot sexy days when you first met. And the more you do for him, the less he feels he has to do to woo you. The relationship fizzles. And the cycle begins again.

There is a way to break this cycle, but 95 percent of the people who read this article won't do it. I dare you to do it. If you do, you become a part of what I call the "5 percent club." The 5 percent club is the most exclusive club in the world. This is the club that no one invites you to join, and only you can accept or reject yourself. This club is based on self-love. To achieve self-love, it is vital to develop your ability to receive love, support, and help. You need to be able to accept a compliment with a simple "thank you," instead of a long story about how you bought the dress on sale after a friend told you about it. Keep reading...

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