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The Temperature on Mars and Venus


Brrrrrr…the golden days of autumn are now just a wistful memory and Jack Frost has come blustering though from the North to chill much of Planet Earth.  Temperatures plunge, blizzards blow, icicles grow, and unfortunately our shivering species can’t hibernate. 

Of course, winter activities can be lots of fun—if you snowmobile, ski, sled, or ice-skate.  Anyone can enjoy a sleigh ride, making snow people or angels, or instigating a good old-fashioned snowball fight with a friend.  Yet sometimes we don’t want to brave the weather, and still we must trudge daily into the cold deep of the winter world to work, learn, shop, and socialize.

The fact is that Venusians tend to be more sensitive to cold temperatures than Martians (save during menopause!).  Women have less muscle to generate body heat, they are generally smaller with a slightly lower metabolism, and the blood circulation to their hands and feet is less.  This means the same couple who spent the summer bickering over the speed of the ceiling fan above the bed will spend the winter playing yo-yo with the heater thermostat.

Try these wonderful ways to warm up the winter:


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