Boost your sex life by celebrating screen-free week


Boost your sex life by celebrating screen-free week

Instead of turning on the TV at the end of the day or after the kids have gone to bed, take that time to shower together, put on some music, close the bedroom door (or if you don’t have kids close the curtains) and turn your eyes towards each other. Now that you have a bit more space in your evening, don’t automatically start doing what you always do sexually. Instead, take a deep breath. Let yourself get curious about what might feel fun. Really look at your partner as though you haven’t seen them in awhile. How would you touch them if this was new? If there is no rush to get to orgasm or to “finish”, what do you want to do? You may be surprised by what a turn on truly undivided attention can be.

At first it may feel challenging to go without the seductive diversion of onscreen entertainment. You will need to think more creatively about your free time. There may be awkward silences and frustrating moments but, most likely, you will get past them and find some new ways to enjoy your evenings. Your partner may seem infinitely more interesting when you are exchanging more than a few sentences during commercial breaks. If this screen-free experiment causes you to feel like you have little in common with your partner and you can’t think of anything you want to do together, than it may be time to explore some ways to reconnect or repair your relationship. Likewise, if you find spending extended sexual time together just feels stressful or completely boring, than sex therapy is a good next step to see if you can rebuild a fun sex life together. Celebrating screen-free week may be just the jumpstart your relationship and sex life needs. Try it for one week, you may find you want to incorporate a screen-free night one night a week from now on.

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Melissa Fritchle, MA, LMFT, is a holistic psychotherapist with a private practice in Capitola, CA specializing in sexuality and couple's issues. She is also an engaging sex educator traveling within the US and globally to support positive sexuality.

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