I'm not ready to make nice


I'm not ready to make nice

So I have what my dh calls a temper.  To boot, I'm a natural redhead, so any flair ups really do come quite naturally.  On my best days, I'm simply a passionate person.  On my worst, well, let's just say the cat goes into hiding.  Now I'm not a yeller, screamer, hitter or thrower; just someone whose nostrils flair from time to time. 

My hubby is a passionate person too.  In fact that's one of the things I dearly love about him.  But, as you well know, passion on that level can lead to irrational quite easily.  And from there absurdity, commotion and things "best left unsaid" often come out.

Today is one of those days where my inner redhead and his outer Yosemity Sam came face-to-face for a little meeting.  As you can imagine, words were exchanged, lines drawn in the sand and tonight one of us may sleep on the couch. 

It's not that it's a big issue (well, maybe it is and I'm making light of something far bigger), but the problem really is that when we're both this irritated, no one wants to call a truce.  So my question is how do you put aside your anger-- my anger-- and be the bigger person and make nice when, as the Dixie Chicks said, "I'm not ready to make nice".  Right now, I want to be mad. Problem is so does he, and in this scenario, no one wins.

So my fellow YT'ers, what do you think?  Any advice on how to put this fire out?  Should I be the bigger person and call a truce?  Would he even believe that I was sincere if I did it so quickly after the big blow-up?

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