What Can You Do For Your Sex Life In 31 Days?


What Can You Do For Your Sex Life In 31 Days?
Kick it into the stratosphere!

• how to keep your sex life alive when you have kids
• how to plan for intimacy instead of waiting for it to spontaneously occur
• how you can reap the deeper health and beauty benefits of sex
• how to help your guy if he struggles with sexual dysfunction
• tips for creating a sexy new you
• how to get your partner in the mood

Each day our experts will offer you their advice and leave you with three to-do items. We're calling them "action steps" because we want help you put advice into practice right away. Action steps will fall into three deadlines: what you can do immediately after reading; what to do within the next seven days; and what to do within in the next 30 days. Our goal is to help you take short-, mid- and long-term steps so you can really see a positive shift in your sex life.


We know life is complicated. We get it. We also know that by taking on a challenge like this, you're investing in yourself, your marriage, your family and your future. Whether you're single or married, this challenge can help you. To get started, I'll share my three action steps with you.

Today I want you to:

One: Commit to this challenge. Believe me, it'll be so worth it! If you're busy one day, don't worry, just catch up as needed, all of the advice will be ready and waiting for you.

Two: Sign up for a free YourTango account (if you don't already have one).When you do this you'll be able to correspond with the experts, ask them questions or connect with them privately offline.

Three: Share this with two or three friends who can act as your wingmen (or wingwomen). We all need support and having a friend or two to talk things over with will keep you engaged and make it more fun.

Within Seven Days: Take 10 minutes to sit down, with no distractions, and identify three areas of improvement you'd like to see in your sex life. When an expert posts on a relevant topic, be sure to ask questions and get involved! If you have a topic you want covered or your curious about, let us know. You can post in the comments section or send me an email directly.

Within 30 Days: Create a plan for yourself to ensure the challenge lasts longer than this month. Set up calendar reminders, add things to your future to-do list and maximize what you've learned so you attend to your sex life each and every week as best as you can.

The goal of the 31-Day Better Sex Challenge is to empower you to create new, healthy habits and perspectives that will help your sex life long after the challenge ends. Even if you're not in a relationship now, the foundation of what you'll learn here will help guide you when you're ready.

Here's wishing you a happier, more inspired sex life!

Are you an expert who would like to be considered for a future YourTango Challenge? We're looking for experts now. Please contact Melanie Gorman by email Melanie@yourtango.com for details.

To really make this advice work, you need to follow these action steps to complete today's challenge.

Right now, I want you to:

Commit! Become a part of our community, identify your support people & begin connecting with our experts.

Within 7 days I want you to:

Identify three areas you want to see improvement in your sex life.

By the end of the challenge I want you to:

Extend the challenge beyond October by seeding your calendar with reminders of what you've learned and when to do them!

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