Diaries of a Traveling Tantrika ~ 'Not so Sexy'


Diaries of a Traveling Tantrika ~ 'Not so Sexy'



     Much of what I will share is with some trepidation, and even embarrassment.  Really, it is difficult even for myself to fathom where I have gone and who I have been, and I have done the work to leave the darkest places behind.   Yet, I am aware that it is through this stretched expanse of experience within the School of Life that I have (we pray) learned a thing or two, and so offers something of unique value to share. 





I pray that these writings may be of support to those sensitive souls who feel alone in asking these taboo questions,  or who remain within fear, pain, and  struggle.



     So I ask you, dear reader, to be open, and follow with me to gain deeper insights into the why’s and how’s, and to share with me your thoughts, questions, and even more so, your prayers. 








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