Diaries of a Traveling Tantrika ~ 'Not so Sexy'


Diaries of a Traveling Tantrika ~ 'Not so Sexy'







  In retrospect, this experience meant much more for me than what it appeared at surface level.  What I thought was simply a simple sexual exploration, or even just an indulgence into a fascination, somehow became an initiatory step into a new paradigm.  


    Yet, I ask of you, dear reader, not to jump to any conclusions as to where I’m going with this, or what that paradigm may entail.  I assure you, these writings will not be as simple as yet another proverbial Western Tantric advocate of ‘More and Better Orgasms!’, ‘a More Juicy Sex Life!’, or even necessarily in  promotion of a particular sexual lifestyle choice.   I could never relate with the solely sensual factions, dressed within the Emperor’s New Age spiritual jargon. (Oh, I beg you! Pardon my cynicisms!)

But I do choose to go deeper with you, allowing the space for your own ponderings.






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