How’s your F.I.N.E. factor these days?  You know, ‘FINE’.  How many times a day do you answer the following: “How ‘ya doin’ today?  How’s work?  How’s the family?  How are the kids?  How are your folks?  How are you feeling?  How’s the job?  I have a feeling that the standard answer you give to most of these questions (and many others) is “Fine”. 

Rumor has it that the real meaning of ‘FINE’ is:

Freaked Out




Is the above acronym, freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional an accurate description(s) of you?  Fine is often times the standard way we respond to other’s inquiries about our life.  Typically, we don’t want to talk about the real issues we’re dealing with – even with those closest to us -- so a simple Fine suffices and we can switch the conversation to something else….like the weather or what looks good on the menu.  Does avoiding a conversation about your life’s complications and aggravations work for you?

Are you one to keep your business to yourself for fear of being judged, criticized, misunderstood, controlled or laughed at?  Or do you believe that people really don’t’ care, they just ask to make conversation?  Perhaps you believe your life is rather boring and mundane, nothing of interest to report? And many of us don’t talk about our lives because we don’t want to burden others. These are just a few of the reasons a standard answer of ‘Fine’ is used millions of times a day throughout the world. 

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