Is Your Child Resilient?

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Read on to discover how to become more confident, stronger & resilient...and teach it to your kids!

Every child has the capability to learn how to become stronger from the inside out. Some boys and girls do need extra assistance though; they may be highly sensitive, lean toward the more negative, or "I can't do it" side of life, as well as get "stuck" in situations and feel that this is the worst ever. For example, like failing a math test. As a child's wise partner and guide, you have the incredibly important role to give them a "big picture" perspective, support them in ways that work for them in particular and realize that resilience, like confidence and inner strength, is merely a skill they need to learn to master. 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Self-Confidence



Maureen Healy is a practicing expert in the field of children's emotional health and parenting with a special focus upon helping highly sensitive children succeed. She continues to work directly with parents and teachers globally. More information: or or twitter @mdhealy.

Her upcoming book, Growing Happy Kids: How to Foster Inner Confidence, Success and Happiness (HCI Books) hits shelves in April of 2012.

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