Why Some Women Will Never Marry


Why Some Women Will Never Marry
The fantasies that hinder women from finding their Mr. Right.

As a matchmaker, I can’t tell you how many great guys, who would make fantastic husbands and fathers, come to me saying they can’t find a good woman.   So he drives a Maxima!  I happen to know he can afford an Audi if he wanted one, but you don’t know that – you judge him by the Maxima because you drive a Mercedes.   So what if he doesn’t have the best fashion sense?  You can help him with that!  So what if he likes Ruby Tuesdays and you like Morton’s?  He is probably very willing to take you to Morton’s if you mention that it is your favorite place.  Just because he took you to Ruby Tuesdays doesn’t mean he is not worth a second date.  Come on, ladies.  Give a guy a real chance.  Try THREE dates with him.  That’s all I’m asking.  Will it kill you?  You might just begin to realize that you like him.  You might learn that you two have more in common than you thought.  You might see that he is a really great guy.   And if you squint just a tad, he might really start to kind of look like your fantasy guy.   But even better, because he is a real, living, obtainable man that likes you and that is looking to get married.   Hopefully to you!

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