Ways To Hook Him Or Her Online


Ways To Hook Him Or Her Online
A better profile gives you a better chance at getting noticed.

It is ok to look at other profiles before you do the body of yours to see what other men and women are saying. Which ones interest you? Why? How are those different from the boring ones?

Remember to focus on what makes you unique while you are writing. Use the words and phrases from your columns to talk about who you are. Interests and hobbies will sound more unique when you divulge a few more details about them. If you expound on WHY you do or like something, you are providing a little more insight to what makes you YOU.


For instance, instead of writing "I enjoy reading fiction, running, and playing card games" write something like "I am a huge fan of John Grisham because I love criminal law and psychological thrillers." Just that little bit of extra information makes reading your profile more interesting and not so generic. Lots of people list reading as a hobby. But why? And what? Think about why you do something or how you got started in it or add a funny or interesting fact about your hobby.

But don't get long-winded. Remember singles are looking at hundreds of profiles and only spend about five seconds reading before their mind is ready to move on to something else unless it really grabs them.

THIRD - have a trusted friend look over your profile and give you feedback. It really helps if it is an opposite sex friend giving the feedback.  I, as a relationship coach, work with singles on their profiles, so I can help you as well.  You can contact me if you are interested in my services for online dating help. You can also order my audio class called "Love on the Net" for more tips on succeeding at online dating. Visit http://www.kikistrickland.com for more information.

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