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Still Single?: 11 Signs You’re Too Picky


You have an “All the good ones are gay or taken,” bumper sticker. On your front door

 Still single? Maybe it’s not them this time…maybe it’s YOU!
1. You’ve turned down more dates than you’ve been on.
2. You’ve broken up with people over things that they’ve done while sleeping.
3. You often have decided that there won’t be a second date before you go on the first.
4. You forgot your date’s last name but remembered that he or she went to the bathroom more than once at dinner.
5. You say you have a “type,” but are unable to elaborate on your type’s defining characteristics when pressed.
6. You show up five minutes late and get upset when your date isn’t there yet.
7. You could fill a “Deal breaker a Day” desk calendar from your own personal supply.
8. You have an “All the good ones are gay or taken,” bumper sticker. On your front door.
9. You’ve given your number to people then ignored their calls because they got in touch too quickly.
10. You’ve often said “He’s/She’s a little too…you know what I mean?” (No. We don’t.)
11. You are always the rejecter and never the rejectee. Except that one time when your date was being too picky. Which doesn’t count.


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