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Second Date Alternatives


Why not try something different like a concert, a museum, or something outdoors

Second Date Alternatives to the Restaurant

Your first date at a restaurant comes with risks: spilling food on yourself, getting lost on the way there, butchering the French language when trying to order an expensive bottle of wine, etc. But, if it turns out that the two of you actually want to see each other again despite the mishaps, how about trying something a little different for the second date?

The first date was all about getting to know each other, but the second is about starting to gauge whether or not you can see yourself in a relationship with the other person. Why not try something different like a concert, a museum, or something outdoors? Relationships are about growth; you don’t want to be reliving your first date over and over again, otherwise you’re going to run out of things to talk about pretty fast.

A new setting allows the conversation to flow and for you to connect on a different level. Men can tell when you’re connecting with them emotionally and physically by your body language, which isn’t always obvious when you’re sitting across from each other at a table. So, mix it up and try something new!

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