Relationship Saver: 10 Things Men Should Never Say To A Woman


Relationship Saver: 10 Things Men Should Never Say To A Woman
"How many guys have you slept with?” First of all, do you really want to know?

 Unfortunately, for guys, women hold you on a high pedestal. We have high expectations for you! I’m not saying it’s fair, but it’s the truth. There is a saying that a woman likes a “man with a plan,” and it is absolutely true. When you call a woman to hang out, make sure you have a game plan. Don’t put the burden on her or she won’t see you as the type of guy who can show her a good time. Although we expect men to take the lead, after approximately three dates, that should be the woman’s turn to not only plan, but to pay. Don’t let her get away “scott free”, because this will set an unbalanced preseedence for the rest of your relationship.

10. Anything bad about her guy friends
One of the ways a woman marks a guy as “insecure” the fastest is if he starts dissing her guy friends, especially if he hasn’t met them and doesn’t know her very well. Here’s the deal: Even if they are more than friends, you are only making yourself look like you are scared of competition from them, which to a woman screams “insecurity.” Try and stay open-minded about her friend that is if you really like her. Remember they were around before you, and most likely will be providing her with an opinion once they meet you; which she will take into heavy consideration!

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